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Privacy Policy

Apacer Technology Inc. (“Apacer”) Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement explains how your personal information will be collected, processed and used, as well as how such information will be protected by Apacer Technology Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, “Apacer”) in accordance with the EU “General Data Protection Regulation”, the local country/ area’s personal information protection regulations, Apacer Privacy Statement (“Statement”) and other applicable laws. Please read this Statement very carefully. By starting to use Apacer websites or services, or providing your personal information in any way, Apacer will regard it as you understand and agree to this Statement. Apacer will not process or use your personal information outside the scope of this Statement, unless it is required by law, the competent authority or judicial department, or as required for legal claims, defenses or deemed necessary in preventing fraudulences or other illegal actions. We will also not sell, exchange or lease out your personal information.

Collection, Process, and Use of Information
Apacer will not request that you must provide your personal information to use our webpages or services. It is only when you use specific services provided by Apacer, such as making a purchase or inquiry, membership registration, electronic newsletter subscription, file or software download, participation in discussion or commenting, enterprise recruitment, seeking client service, providing suggestions, assisting in client investigation or voting, product verification, warranty registration or joining the activities held by Apacer that Apacer may ask you to provide your personal information for confirming your identity, statistics analysis, activity execution, mailing products, transferring information, providing services, communication and notification, as well as relationship maintenance. Of course, you also have the right not to provide your personal information. If you choose not to provide your personal information, you may lose eligibility to participation or fail to receive certain services. In addition, it is possible that Apacer may obtain your personal information from our relevant cooperating vendors or media or by ways of business visits, activity participation or other means. In that case, Apacer will process, use and protect your personal information in the same way as according to this Statement. Apacer may, for the above purposes, provide your personal information to the relevant cooperating vendors only to the extent required. For example, if we wish to ship the product to you, we may need to provide your name, address, and contact number to our transportation vendor. We will provide only the most basic information required for completing the services or transactions, and we will request our cooperating vendors to undertake the necessary personal information protection measures as required by the personal information protection regulations.
Apacer will not ask you to provide sensitive personal information (such as information about your health, sexual life, sexual orientation, political opinions, religion belief, suspicion of committing a crime or criminal record, etc.), and we also ask you not to provide such information. If you still provide such personal information, they will be handled by Apacer in accordance with this Statement.

Retention and Security Evaluation of Information
To protect your rights and ensure that you receive the best service from us, other than the longer/ shorter data retention period as required by laws or regulations, Apacer will continue the collection and retention of your personal information until such time as Apacer ceases to provide all related services. Apacer will do its best in fully protecting the personal information provided by you. To prevent breaching of the security, Apacer collects and stores your personal information in a place that is separated from our websites and cannot be connected via internet, with appropriate protection measures. For certain specific services, Apacer will use standard security mechanisms such as SET or SSL security protocols to encrypt the transferring of your credit card data or other personal information requested on the website to prevent any access of your personal information by unauthorized users. However, Apacer is not responsible for certain malicious attacks, data theft, falsification or destruction actions. To lower the risk, Apacer advises you to keep your password in a secure place and change it regularly. Also, when setting the password, please avoid simple passwords. We also kindly ask you to keep your antivirus and security software on your computer updated at all times.

Your Rights
To maintain the accuracy of the information, you can access and revise your personal information via Apacer websites or contacting us. For the integrity of the information and the convenience of any future inspections, Apacer has the right to keep a record for all your changes. You may exercise the following rights based on the principle of the Personal Information Protection Act:
1. You have the right to give consent or refusal of your personal information being collected, processed or used.
2. You have the right to limit or oppose your personal information being processed within specific scope or for specific purpose.
3. You have the right to inquire and access, as well as supplement or revise your personal information.
4. You retain the portability right to your personal information.
5. You may also request copies of your personal information from Apacer, however, Apacer may charge certain processing fee from you.
6. You may also request Apacer for the deletion of your personal information.
If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please address your request by contacting the Apacer relevant personnel via the service email under this Statement.

Cross-Border Transfer
You understand and agree that when using this service or providing your information to Apacer, the information collected from you may be transferred, stored and used between Apacer’s international affiliates or service vendors. Any processes regarding to such cross-border transfer will be in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the local country/area’s applicable regulations to ensure the security of your personal information.

Cookies and Other Technologies
All Apacer websites utilize a technology called Cookies or other similar technologies to collect your browsing records, including your IP address, the length of your visit, the browser you use, browsing and clicking data record, etc. for further analysis or future reference to improve services of our official website, as well as for Apacer to provide more customized contents and services more in line with customer’s needs. Most browsers allow you to delete or stop accepting Cookies, or receive warnings before the Cookies are stored from the hard drive in your computer. You can choose to configure the browser yourself to enable notification when receiving Cookies, so you may choose to accept or block such Cookies.

Links to Third-Party Websites
Any third-party websites other than Apacer that you may access through the links in our websites may have different privacy statements respectively, terms of use or strategies. Please be sure to review and confirm them with care by yourself. Apacer will not share your personal information to these third-party websites. Also, we are not responsible for any statements, terms of use, strategies or other contents disclosed on third-party websites. We advise that you use these websites only after careful understanding of the details of their privacy statements.

Special Statements for Children or People who Have No Capacity to Make Juridical Acts
Apacer will not collect information from children or people who have no capacity to make juridical acts intentionally. As soon as we become aware of the information being collected belongs to a child or person who has no capacity to make juridical acts, we will remove it from our systems immediately. A child or person who has no capacity to make juridical acts may use our webpages for online transactions only with his/her parent’s or guardian’s consent or other acts that have the same effect as permitted by law.

Disclosure and Use of Anonymized Aggregate Data
Apacer may collect, aggregate or retain any relevant information from anonymized online users, such as their hobbies, interests or similar data. Such data will be used to design our webpage contents or marketing promotions tailored to users, as well as a reference for providing a better online environment. Furthermore, Apacer may provide such data to advertising vendors or business partners, etc., for example, to inform them the ratio of male and female online users, or the online user ratio for a specific age range.

Purposes and Updates of the Privacy Statement
The Statement is intended for governing the collection, use and any other acts relating to any personal information. Apacer retains the rights to add, delete, modify this Statement at any time. The Statement that has been added, deleted or modified will be announced on the webpage of this Statement, and it shall be effective immediately as the webpage is updated at such time. Apacer will provide no other forms of notifications. By continuing to use Apacer websites or services provided by Apacer after such updates are in effect, we regard it as you understand and agree to the updated version of the Privacy Statement. To safeguard your rights, please check this Statement from time to time.

Contact Apacer
If you have any queries or comments about this Statement, or you would like to exercise your rights regarding to your personal information, please contact us through Personal Information Management e-Mail:
Last updated at: May 25, 2018