Shaping high-quality products and value-added technologies via research and innovation

Apacer takes advantage of its innovative leadership to recruit outstanding talents in the industry and actively plans on-the-job training to develop the team's ability to think innovatively and demonstrate the team's potential and value for the team to become one of the Company's competitiveness. The R&D Technology Center leads innovative brand value projects and strategic partner cooperation projects, creating a win-win performance for the Company's partners with diverse thinking and achieving the goal of mutual progress.

R&D advantages

The RD & Technical Center is equipped with comprehensive research and development technology units such as firmware R&D, hardware R&D, software R&D, engineering development, test development, industrial design, mechanism design, technical support, application engineering, product verification etc. With years of digital storage patent technology and successful experience in research and development, the Company's products and services have become more competitive. While satisfying the rich and diverse product lines, the R&D team can also meet the customized development and needs of the customers, covering solutions such as memory modules, industrial SSDs, consumer digital storage products, and IoT integration applications. 



R&D results

With the sustainable development plan, Apacer's annual budget is compiled and reviewed according to its R&D technology needs. The investment in the R&D field can be seen from the trend of the R&D expenditure. The chart's analysis shows that the R&D expenditure in 2022 increased by 19% compared with the investment in 2021 and 41% compared with the investment in 2019. The R&D expenditure accounted for 1.57% of the operating income in 2019, but up to 1.88% in 2022, an increase of 0.28% from 1.60% in 2021 to 1.88% in 2022. Regarding successful deep cultivation on R&D, a total of 235 patent applications were made in 2022, including 186 applications approved with patents and 49 pending approval. With this successful model, Apacer will continue investing more resources in R&D and innovative design, thus laying a solid foundation for sustainable operation. 

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High customization ability

Industrial customers often require services of temporary customized orders. Apacer's professional R&D team can accelerate product development, increase product design flexibility, enhance product-added value, and customize products with exclusive specifications, thus greatly improving customer satisfaction.

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Key technologies

Apacer RD & Technical Center is a technical research and development unit with a full array of functions. It transforms the patented technology it has cultivated for years into value-added technical services and introduces products with competitiveness based on its valuable technologies and services. Aiming to increase its market share year by year, the Company boasts its strong competitiveness backed up by the advantages of its value-added and innovative products, which help differentiate the Company from the competitors.

CoreSnapshot Series

    Quick backup is performed through the built-in intelligent management of SSD firmware. Once the system encounters problems such as data corruption or failure to boot, a simple one-second recovery operation can be performed via remote control or locally, and there is no need to wait for maintenance personnel to arrive at the scene. This technology can eliminate system failures and restore the system to normal operation. Customers can choose the appropriate snapshot backup technology according to their application requirements.

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    Apacer's world's first patented anti-sulfuration memory modules and anti-sulfuration SSDs with the industry's highest level of anti-corrosion certification can meet the needs of industrial products facing harsh environments.

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    Apacer's CorePower is a hardware-based technology designed to prevent data loss and ensure the stability of data transmission during a power outage by implementing backup power supply that allows sufficient time to move all cached data to NAND flash.

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