Sustainable Development Committee - Chairman's message

Austin Chen

Insisting on being a good partner and marching forward together with all stakeholders

On the road to sustainable management, Apacer is to stick to its core value of the brand - "Becoming better partners." In addition to strengthening the Company's operating efficiency, Apacer will be more active in ESG, taking care of all stakeholders with practical actions, hoping to join hands with everyone to march forward while building a friendly living environment for sustainable development."

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Blueprint for sustainable development strategy  

The core value of Apacer's brand has changed from "trust" and "innovation" to "Becoming better partners" who "deliver on our promises, constant improvement, mutually beneficial" Based on the new core value, the Company plans its long-term operation strategies and responds to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations with practical actions.  



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Policies and commitments

Apacer follows the environmental safety, health and energy policy of "comply with laws and regulations, prevent pollution, participate in the consultation, control the risk, green design, continuously improve, and facilitate environmental friendliness" while providing the required resources and conducting regular reviews to ensure the achievement of environmental safety and health as well as energy management goals. At the same time, Apacer does not use substances that could endanger the environment or cause damage to the environment; rather, it properly uses existing resources and reduces the consumption of energy resources through practical actions such as energy saving, carbon reduction, and resource reuse."


Devoting to making green commitments to a sustainable environment.

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Devoting to social inclusion, employee wellbeing and creating added value with partners and clients.

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Devoting to improving company governance, value and stakeholders’ equality.

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Sustainable Development Committee

To integrate the concept of sustainability into the enterprise operation while responding to the sustainability trend, Apacer transformed its CSR Committee into the Sustainable Development Committee in 2021, with the Chairman still serving as the Committee Chief and the President serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Committee. Following the development prospect and goals of the company, the Apacer ESG policies were formulated along with short, mid, and longterm goals, implementation strategies, and management systems.

There are two teams established under the Sustainable Development Committee, one of which is the ESG Implementation Team, commanding five sub-groups, namely "Corporate Governance", "Employee Care","Customer and Supplier Care","Environmental Care,"and"Community Care," and the managers of related departments act as the heads of the teams, formulating implementation projects and organizing action teams according to the short,mid and long-term goals of each group, combining the daily operation of the department and sustainable development. The Risk
Management Team is responsible for regularly inspecting various risks faced by the enterprise, controlling and putting forward improvement plans under the supervision of the managers of the six centers and three divisions of the enterprise. 



Organizational Structure

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Report to Board of Directors

The chairman of the "Sustainable Development Committee" reports to the Board of Directors on the implementation results of sustainable development and future work plans from time to time, including 1) the trend of sustainable issues and their relation to the Company, 2) the progress and implementation of sustainable work items.
The Company's Board of Directors listens to the report of the management team (including the ESG report) at the end of the year. The management team must propose the Company's strategies to the Board of Directors, and the Board of Directors will discuss and monitor the progress of the Company's strategies.
The Sustainable Development Committee holds an ESG Review Meeting every quarter, with representatives from the leaders of the ESG Implementation Team who are to report on the implementation work. In addition, the Secretariat of the Sustainable Development Committee will report on key communication matters to the Board of Directors annually.


Report date: December 14, 2022

Report highlights:

  • Sustainable development policy in comparison with SDGs goals
  • 2022 Sustainability Report - Survey Results of Material Issues
  • Introduction to the Sustainable Development Committee
  • Work Report by the Sustainable Development Committee:
  • ESG key awards
  • Risk Management Team - Risk report
  • ESG Implementation Team - Execution report